Upgrading Software and Computers at 3R Sales

3R Sales is upgrading and integrating!

We are proud to announce that we are in the beginning stages of upgrading to a new MRP software system. Also, our computer system is undergoing a complete upgrade.

As our customer, we’re sure you are familiar with our 30 years of prompt service and support. Our new system will help us keep up with the high demands of the aerospace fastener, fitting, and support industry. Firstly, our system upgrade will be integrating our scanned images and certifications with our inventory, purchase, and sales records. This will help create a seamless connection between suppliers, ourselves, and our customers, with the certifications that our customers often require. Furthermore, complete traceability of the materials that pass through 3R Sales to the aerospace community will now be much more easily maintained and accessed.

We spent an extensive amount of time and research selecting and customizing a system that will move and adapt with the ever-changing aerospace industry. All the information you need will be right at our fingertips, therefore allowing us to access your orders and quotes at a moment’s notice.

Thanks to our upgraded system, we will now be able to provide our customers with instant tracking information for orders.  In addition, information on scheduled shipments will be readily available. Consequently, this will help to ensure there are no hold ups on the projects needing our parts.

“We Show It, We Have It”

As always, 3R Sales daily updates our listed inventory on all search engines showing our stock, including ILS, PartsBase, and StockMarket.aero. Because we know your time is valuable, we don’t want to waste it. And with our new system, online parts listings will be updated instantly as our inventory changes. “We show it, we have it” has always been our motto, and we’re sticking to it! If you’re looking for AN hardware, MS fasteners, NAS bolts, or Boeing hardware, our stock of over 38 million fasteners will be easily accessible and available for immediate shipment. We strive for same-day shipping on all our stock items. So whether you place your order at 8:00 in the morning, or 4:00 in the afternoon, we can ship it.

Upgrading Software and Computer Systems

Software and Computer Upgrades at 3R Sales

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Customer Service is our #1 Priority

3-R Sales Customer service

Customer Service is our #1 Priority

At 3-R Sales we strive to make sure that your company gets the best customer service in the industry. Every level of our company has checks and measures to provide you with the correct part, on time and with all requirements filled. From quotation to shipping, our customer service is what makes 3-R sales stand out.


Our sales team works to get quotes back as quickly as possible. This helps our customers get the information they need to get their job completed. The quicker the response the more time and money our customers save. With more than 30 years servicing the aerospace industry, we are very familiar with part numbers and applications. This experience helps our customers find what they need. Be it hard to find or always in stock, we can help find what you need at the most cost effective price.

Purchase Orders

Keeping strict adherence to our customer’s timing and quality requirements is imperative to good customer service and relations. Our sales team goes over every quality requirement to ensure we can offer our customers the best service available. Same day shipping of in stock items is available as well as scheduled orders up to a year in advance (JIT). At 3-R sales all of our certifications are kept in digital format to make sure we are able to provide clear copies with the ordered parts. We also never have a charge for certifications supplied with parts.


Our shipping department will process orders to our customer’s satisfaction, whether that be special packaging needs or kitting for specific applications. Our shipping team takes every step possible to ensure traceability is maintained and that parts leave the warehouse on time. Our parts are shipped out in the best way to ensure that parts get to our customer intact.

Extended customer service

Our customer service doesn’t leave with the parts. Our customers can be confident that 3-R Sales will handle any discrepancy or additional support needed. Contact us today!

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Certifications – Going Digital at 3-R Sales

3-R Sales, distributor of aerospace fasteners and fittings with certifications

3-R Sales Is Going Digital With Our Certifications

Certification is an important and integral part of the supplier package to our customers, and is often a requirement for their specific quality systems, such as FAA, ASA, ISO, AS9120. All of our certification packages are electronically scanned using a storage program called Cabinet NG. Thanks to this document management system, all certifications and documents for our parts are well organized and easily retrievable. By scanning all of our certification packages into this program, we are able to keep track of all certification and traceability for the over 38 million fasteners we have in stock here at 3-R Sales. The Cabinet NG system is accessible to all of our sales and customer service representatives, making it easier for us to know what paperwork we can provide with your requested part right at the time of your quote.  Knowing that tracebility is an important part of our customer’s quality requirements, 3-R Sales never charges for the paperwork provided with our parts. 



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