Upgrading Software and Computers at 3R Sales

3R Sales is upgrading and integrating!

We are proud to announce that we are in the beginning stages of upgrading to a new MRP software system. Also, our computer system is undergoing a complete upgrade.

As our customer, we’re sure you are familiar with our 30 years of prompt service and support. Our new system will help us keep up with the high demands of the aerospace fastener, fitting, and support industry. Firstly, our system upgrade will be integrating our scanned images and certifications with our inventory, purchase, and sales records. This will help create a seamless connection between suppliers, ourselves, and our customers, with the certifications that our customers often require. Furthermore, complete traceability of the materials that pass through 3R Sales to the aerospace community will now be much more easily maintained and accessed.

We spent an extensive amount of time and research selecting and customizing a system that will move and adapt with the ever-changing aerospace industry. All the information you need will be right at our fingertips, therefore allowing us to access your orders and quotes at a moment’s notice.

Thanks to our upgraded system, we will now be able to provide our customers with instant tracking information for orders.  In addition, information on scheduled shipments will be readily available. Consequently, this will help to ensure there are no hold ups on the projects needing our parts.

“We Show It, We Have It”

As always, 3R Sales daily updates our listed inventory on all search engines showing our stock, including ILS, PartsBase, and Because we know your time is valuable, we don’t want to waste it. And with our new system, online parts listings will be updated instantly as our inventory changes. “We show it, we have it” has always been our motto, and we’re sticking to it! If you’re looking for AN hardware, MS fasteners, NAS bolts, or Boeing hardware, our stock of over 38 million fasteners will be easily accessible and available for immediate shipment. We strive for same-day shipping on all our stock items. So whether you place your order at 8:00 in the morning, or 4:00 in the afternoon, we can ship it.

Upgrading Software and Computer Systems

Software and Computer Upgrades at 3R Sales

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3-R adds 1 million AN Series Bolts to inventory

Millions of AN series bolts added to inventory!


3R , aerospace hardware distributor

3-R Sales just received two big shipments of Factory New AN series bolts available with manufacturer certifications, test reports and raw material certifications. The 1,041,400 bolts include undrilled AN3, AN4, AN5, AN6, AN7 and AN8 series bolts.

This new addition, totaling 1,041,400 AN series bolts, adds to an already extensive inventory of AN, MS, NAS, HL and other Mil-Spec hardware. We also recently expanded our inventory to include almost 4 million BAC fasteners and fittings.

We provide same-day quoting and same-day shipping on in stock items as well as a low purchase order minimum and offer certifications free of charge.

Search our inventory instantly and request a quote today!


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