Certifications – Going Digital at 3-R Sales

3-R Sales, distributor of aerospace fasteners and fittings with certifications

3-R Sales Is Going Digital With Our Certifications

Certification is an important and integral part of the supplier package to our customers, and is often a requirement for their specific quality systems, such as FAA, ASA, ISO, AS9120. All of our certification packages are electronically scanned using a storage program called Cabinet NG. Thanks to this document management system, all certifications and documents for our parts are well organized and easily retrievable. By scanning all of our certification packages into this program, we are able to keep track of all certification and traceability for the over 38 million fasteners we have in stock here at 3-R Sales. The Cabinet NG system is accessible to all of our sales and customer service representatives, making it easier for us to know what paperwork we can provide with your requested part right at the time of your quote.  Knowing that tracebility is an important part of our customer’s quality requirements, 3-R Sales never charges for the paperwork provided with our parts. 



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