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Our commitment to our customers is product knowledge, experience and on-time delivery. With over 35 years of experience, we strive to help other companies grow. Your success is our success.

History of 3-R Sales

From Repair Shop to Distributor of Aerospace Hardware

3-R started out in January of 1985 as a radial engine connecting rod overhaul shop for old World War II & Korean War planes. The original name was Radial Rod Repair. As the years passed, the old aircraft began to get phased out, and RRR needed to change as well. A friend was working with NATO surplus material from England at a time when literally tons of materials were being released due to the end of the Cold War era. When this material arrived in California, it was sorted out and 3-R was given a chance to sell the aerospace hardware items. This was “back in the day” when surplus was a big supply of aviation material.

Celebrating 38 Years

3-R Sales Story Continues

John DavisAs we all know, things changed in the last 35 years, and so did 3-R. We sold off the machine shop and all the surplus hardware to concentrate on new & traceable aerospace hardware. As our focus became military and aerospace grade hardware the name was changed to 3-R Sales to better reflect our hardware sales division and the close-out of the Radial Rod Repair component.

Where has this taken us? 3-R Sales is now home to millions & millions of traceable & certified fasteners that all users can use. From the bi-plane era to the newest satellite, jet & military applications, we have the products that fit. And to further our commitment to quality, we are an ISO-approved company.

John S. Davis, Manager & Owner

Bi Plane and Satellite

Certificates and Sales Information Downloads

We offer Certifications and lot traceability via the standards of MIL- I-45208 and MIL-I-45662

3R Sales Line Card 2

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3R Sales Line Card (PDF)

3R Sales Quality System Manual

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Quality System Manual (PDF)

3R Sales ISO Certification 9001 2015

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ISO Certification (PDF)

3 R Sales Self Audit

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Self Audit (PDF)

3-R Sales Customer Reviews

Greg B.


“3-R Sales has a large Inventory of hard-to-find hardware and provides quick RFQ responses.”

Laura S.


“3-R Sales is a great team of people who make sure you get reliable and dependable products and service.”

Melissa H.

Long Time Customer

“We know that the information and parts they provide will be correct every time.”

Sue S.


“From RFQ to delivery, 3-R Sales provides expedient, accurate and knowledgeable service. I purchase from 3-R with confidence.”

Keoke C.


“3-R Sales has friendly, dependable sales people who provide great service!”