Aerospace Hardware

From ultra-light aircraft hardware to satellite recovery, we stock fasteners and fittings for a large variety of applications.

Aerospace Hardware

From ultra-light aircraft hardware to satellite recovery, we stock fasteners and fittings for a large variety of applications.

3-R Sales Aerospace Hardware


We are a “Boeing Distribution Service” APPROVED Vendor

We at 3-R Sales are committed to bringing you the products you need. From ultra-light aircraft hardware to satellite recovery, we stock fasteners and fittings for a large variety of applications. We support Lockheed P3/L188, as well as DC9, MD80 and DC10 aircraft. We specialize in mil-spec and aerospace hardware so whatever your needs, we can accommodate in both price and on-time delivery.

With more than 35 years of experience as an aerospace hardware distributor, we are very familiar with part numbers, and this greatly helps the customer determine which items are readily available and at the most cost-effective price. We ensure that products arrive within the time frame as required. We realize that false promises result in nothing but problems. Strict adherence to our manufacturers’ and vendors’ timing and quality is imperative to good customer results and relations. From quotation to shipping, we strive to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied.

Aerospace Products

Aerospace Nuts


We carry nuts of all types and sizes.

3-R Sales - Nuts

Examples include: jam nuts, slotted, barrel, clip nuts, lock nuts, nut plates, castellated nuts

Hi Lok Bolts for Aerospace Hardware and Aircraft Repairs

Hi-Lok Products

Providing an array of Hi-Lok products.

3-R Sales - Hi-Lok Products

Examples include: Collars, pins, Hi‐Lok assembly, protruding and flush head

Washers for Aerospace Hardware


Offering a surprising variety of Washers.

3-R Sales - Washers

Examples include: Flat, split, lock, countersunk, external tooth, lock tooth & more.

Bolts for Aerospace Hardware and Repairs


Looking for that obscure bolt?

3-R Sales - Bolts

Examples include: Hex head, internal wrenching, 12pt external wrenching, drilled, un-drilled and more.

Aircraft Rivets


GOT Rivets!

3-R Sales - Rivets

Examples include: Universal, countersunk, aluminum, monel, solid & blind

Loskwire for Aircraft


Now stocking!

3-R Sales - Lockwire

Now stocking MS20995 series of lockwire

Special Aerospace Screws


Offering a variety of screws for all uses.

3-R Sales - Screws

Examples include: Pan head, countersunk, hex head, socket head cap, set screws & more.

Fittings for Aerospace Hardware


Offering fittings for most use cases.

3-R Sales - Fittings

Examples include: Elbows, tee fittings, grease fittings, aluminum & steel

Mil Spec Hardware

Fasteners & Misc Products

Special Mil-Spec Hardware

3-R Sales - Fasteners & Misc Products

Some examples include: Special Mil-Spec hardware, streamers, grommets, gang channel, pins & inserts.

AN= Army Navy, MS=Military Specifications, NAS=National Aeronautical Standards, HL-Hilok, BAC= Boeing Airplane Company.

More Aerospace Product Examples

The products displayed represent a very small number of in-stock items we offer. You are welcome to search our stock or obtain a parts quotation at your convenience.

Customer Service

  • Same-day quoting, same-day shipping
  • Scheduled orders up to a year in advance
  • Quick response and on-time delivery
  • Customized service for packing needs and kitting is available
  • Low purchase order minimum
  • We never charge for certifications


With deep ties to manufactures, we buy large quantities so you don't have to! With more that 38 million fasteners in stock, our inventory includes large quantities of AN, MS, NAS, HL, BAC and other Mil-Spec hardware.


As an ISO-certified company, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We strictly adhere to FAA quality programs and provide part traceability.

Certificates and Sales Information Downloads

We offer Certifications and lot traceability via the standards of MIL- I-45208 and MIL-I-45662

3R Sales Line Card 2

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3R Sales Quality System Manual

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Quality System Manual (PDF)

3R Sales ISO Certification 9001 2015

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ISO Certification (PDF)

3 R Sales Self Audit

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